In 1985, I came across the Kubicki Ex Factor bass. It featured an extended E-string, lowered down to D.

Of course, I wanted this for the guitar. I was playing with a trichordo bouzouxist, and the tuning of the trichordo, as you know, is D A d – the same as this bass.

You can see my first prototype on the right of the first picture, on my Manuel Contreras Classical Guitar. The second one from the right is a one-piece extender on the Aria Guitar of my dear friend Boris, and the third from the right is competely glued on, on the Epiphone Solid Body SST Classical. The second picture is a close-up of the one-piece, and the extender on the third picture was made 30 years later by Giorgos Kaparakis, on the Takamine of my dear friend Michael Szczepanski. The last picture is the Extender made by Nikos Mastorakis on the Washburn 308s. More Jurrie Eilers Extensions are to come, I’ll keep you updated!

Later on, I discovered more people working on the same item. The Double Bass C-string  on the first picture, the Alto 11-string Guitar and the headless Paradise Guitar are just some examples.